Internal Roller Blinds

Beautifully Engineered:

Our Roller Blind range is aimed at providing clients with high performance, unique, innovative, and stylish shading solutions.
Different combinations of mechanism and head rail profiles can be utilised to optimise function and aesthetic appeal.
Our extensive fabric range means our Roller Blind series can be co-ordinated to suit individual tastes and decorating schemes.

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  • Our brake/ clutch systems provide simple and smooth operation while at the same time maintaining a subtle and minimalistic appearance.
  • Available in several load capacities, ranging from 2.5 to 8.1 kilograms, with the option of spring assistance should it be required.
  • Control Options: Individual or multiple blinds can be motorised and easily controlled by means of wall mounted switches, remote controls or integration into Intelligent Systems (CBUS or BMS).

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