Electronic Control and the Benefits of Motorisation

The environment we create within our homes and offices contributes significantly to health and well-being in our daily lives.  Automation systems enhance our living environments and well-being by adding convenience, safety, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
The benefits  include:
1. Convenience
With the simple touch of a button you can move your blind to whatever position you like. You can also add sensors and timers so your products work for you even when you’re not at home
2. Energy Efficiency
Reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your home. Keep your home cool in summer by reflecting the harsh heat of the sun but allow the sun in during winter to enjoy natural warmth and light
3. Longer Lifespan
Manual operation can damage blinds  through excessive force or improper use.



4. Safety
Loose cords and chains are a danger to young children. With  automated blinds , the cords and chains are completely removed, providing peace of mind for you and a safer environment for your children
5. Quiet and Discreet
Motors are fully concealed inside the tube of the blind. With the simple press of the remote control you will enjoy the ambience and impress your guests with a quiet and sophisticated automated system

Controls and Sensors Overview

As a world leader in automation systems, Somfy offer a range of control solutions to meet any requirement in the automation of sun shading systems in the home or office. A unique and stylish range of remote controls provides users with the ultimate in convenience – all at the touch of a button.


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