Tahoma One

The Tahoma One is an intuitive user-friendly interface capable of programming and controlling home equipment via a smart phone or compatible device.

It allows your smart device to become your portable control panel , with every function accessible through a secure app.


The Tahoma One is:

  • Compatible with new builds or renovations as it does not require re-wiring, additional relays nor a central console.
  • Ideal for retrofit applications.
  • Expandable and easily upgradable, allowing new devices to be easily added as you choose.
  • Adaptable as it allows you to modify scenarios without the risk of deleting previous configurations






Management of Home Equipment.

The Tahoma One allows you to:
  • Control all compatible devices within your home either individually or in groups.
  • Activate personal scenarios at the touch of a button and play at pre-set times.
  • Combine and consolidate all of your infra-red equipment such as televisions, Audio Systems etc.


In conjunction with the broad range of  sensors, you have the ability to create energy efficient, convenient and comfortable environments in any living space.


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