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As we are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact we are having on the environment and our surroundings, we are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of external shading.

Brisbane is known for it's unique Queenslander architecture, something we always take into consideration and attempt to compliment with our blinds while enhancing home's across QLD. evaya’s range of Internal and External Shading Systems including the ev80 aluminium venetian blinds have been designed to effectively:

  • Reduce solar glare and transmission.
  • Contribute markedly to the reduction of heat gain through glazing.
  • Provide shading and cooling in warmer months.
  • Allow the passive entrance of solar radiation during colder periods.
  • Reduce household energy consumption and expenditure.
  • Enhance the comfort and well being of those living and working inside.

If you are a builder, architect based in Brisbane Australia, or are in the process of building a custom home in the area, please get in contact with our specialised team to discuss how external venetian shading can benefit your project.

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