External Venetian blinds are an attractive addition to any house's charming aesthetic. They lend a cool and comfortable aspect to a home's exterior, while providing a literal cool, shady place to spend a relaxing summer's afternoon. By keeping your blinds closed, you can even keep your house warmer during the coldest nights of the year, preventing trapped heat from escaping through your windows.

With external Venetian blinds, you can cut down on harmful UV radiation while reducing solar glare, either for the interior of your home or within a fully enclosed patio, creating a comfortable outdoor entertainment area. An area like this, employing venetian blinds allows you to control your sunlight. Relax on a banana lounge with the sun streaming through or watch the game on an outdoor mounted television,without the glare, or simply enjoy the view in style. External Venetians, such as our ev80 can also add architectural appeal to a home, increasing property value. Not only through practicality, but style as these blinds don't resemble a bolt on addition in the way many outdoor blind models can.

While they look great and make living more appealing, there are also some hidden benefits which make these blinds ever so practical. For the home, or within a modern office these blinds allow you to substantially lower heating costs. Read on!

With external Venetian blinds, you can cut down on harmful UV radiation while reducing solar glare.


Save Money Through Increased Energy Efficiency

External Venetian blinds do more than make your home look stylish and chic. They improve the efficiency of built-in environmental management, a feat accomplished in several different ways. This makes external Venetian blinds an eco-friendly asset for anybody concerned about their personal impact on the environment, and a must-have item for anyone dedicated to responsible green living.

External Venetian blinds reduce household energy requirements. Through opening and closing the blinds throughout the day, it is possible to improve your house's heat retention, or to help it release accumulated heat more efficiently. Depending upon the time of day and the current season, this can make a significant net positive difference to your home's ambient temperature. Imagine waking up to comfortably warm floors every day, or enjoying the cool air of your living room even during the height of summer. External Venetian blinds will help you to achieve this, while lowering the amount of money and energy consumed using heating and/or air-conditioning.

Some sources suggest that merely raising and lowering your external blinds can help retain enough heat within your living area to account for a 3 - 4 degree temperature difference when compared to a house without external blinds.

View a video demonstration how simply the evaya ev80 blinds operate 

evaya ev80

Make it Easier to Keep Your Home Heated... For Less

While outdoor venetian blinds look sleek and are designed to suit almost any home, the added value in controlling indoor temperature is perhaps the most valuable aspect of these blinds. Especially if cutting back on energy bills is important to you.

For more information click here to see just how effective these blinds can be at controlling the amount of heat which escapes via the windows of your home or office.

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