External venetian blinds

evaya EV Series (Retractable External Venetian System) provides an attractive and versatile shading solution. These blinds act to reduce solar glare and transmission through windows and therefore contribute markedly to the reduction of heat gain through glass.

External awnings

The ILIOS is a vertical awning which can be customised for use in an array of settings and provides pleasant shade whilst allowing unobstructed views. Designed with style and performance in mind, the ILIOS is unique in that its terminal bar integrates completely with its head rail profile which enhances its aesthetic appeal.


Folding arm awnings

Engineered for optimum performance these architecturally designed Klip, Stein, Kumo and Shan systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications.
These awnings can either be controlled manually or motorised with integration to sun and wind sensors and can be face or top mounted with individually designed brackets to suit each system.

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