ev80 external venetian blinds

The ev80 External Venetian Series heralds a new era in attractive and versatile shading solutions. It has been developed to benefit the continuing evolution of building design and sustainability. As we are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact we are having on the environment and our surroundings, we are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of external shading. This is becoming particularly evident when relating to matters concerning carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and is being reflected in recent architectural, building and design trends.

With this in mind, the ev80 has been designed to effectively:

  • Reduce solar glare and transmission.
  • Contribute markedly to the reduction of heat gain through glazing.
  • Provide shading and cooling in warmer months.
  • Allow the passive entrance of solar radiation during colder periods.
  • Reduce household energy consumption and expenditure.
  • Enhance the comfort and well being of those living and working inside.


Streamlined and functional, the ev80 is capable of efficiently shading large expanses of glass whilst at the same time creating a striking facade. Their unique design means they can be operated to allow the entrance of natural light without glare, all the while maintaining exterior views. The aluminium slats of the blinds can be either tilted to varying angles or retracted by remote control, switch operation or integration with CBUS and Building Management Systems. Incorporation of Sun and Wind Sensors means optimal operating parameters may be achieved automatically. Available in a range of styles and finishes and able to be retracted and concealed when not in use, all our blinds are manufactured and engineered at our premises located on the Mornington Peninsula. This not only ensures we can provide unique lead times, it also means that critical client support and assistance is readily available. Combining European component technology and precision with ongoing product development from our in house R&D team means we are able to create high performance shading solutions designed specifically for our climate.


As a general rule, the ev80 is lowered in the vertical or closed (0 degrees) position and raised in the horizontal position (90 degrees). The slats can be tilted and rotated at various angles between these parameters. This may be altered, if required, with a maximum 180 degree operating range. Blade angles can be adjusted incrementally to control solar glare and heat gain whilst allowing the entrance of natural light during summer. Conversely, during cooler months, heat and light may be directed into a building to increase passive heat gain while minimising glare. When not in use the ev80 can be retracted and concealed in a pelmet or recess. With a range of styles and finishes available and able to be installed under eaves, within soffits or onto the faces of buildings, it is fast becoming the most effective shading solution for our climate.


Utilising the innate properties of aluminium, which provides high solar radiation reflection and low absorption and transmission values, the ev80 can act to effectively reduce:

  • household energy requirements.
  • carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • expenditure.

Locally and environmentally, these systems maximise internal light and thermal comfort levels whilst allowing external views to be maintained.


The 80 C Rolled Edge Slats of the ev80 are manufactured from aluminium reinforced with copper free aluminium alloy to provide added strength and flexibility. The material is 0.45 mm gauge, chemically pre-treated and stove enamelled. Roll formed and machined on our premises utilising the most advanced technology and operating systems. Slats are scratch, shock and corrosion resistant and available in a range of Standard Colours with Project Specific Alternatives and Custom Colours available upon request.

Tilting and Lifting Devices

  • Bearings: located in the 56 x 58 mm extruded aluminium head rail, enable the slats to alter angle direction smoothly and efficiently.
  • Ladderbraid : Upon which the blind slat is either rested or fastened (refer to omega punching) is woven and reinforced with Kevlar/ Aramid fibres.
  • 8mm Texband Anti-Friction UV Stable Lift Tape is utilised to raise and lower the slat bundle.
  • Omega punching of aluminium slats, a process by which a horse shoe shaped cleft is machined at various intervals along the length of the slat and through which the ladderbraid is fastened, acts to ensure the correct spacing between blades and enhances both incremental adjustment of slats and inherent wind stability of the blind. Profiles, side channels and pelmets:
  • Extruded with non-corrosive aluminium alloys.
  • Available in a range of finishes, including anodised and powder coat colours.
  • Designed and engineered by evaya.

ev80 Outdoor Venetian Blind Types

Wire Guided

Wire guides are an effective means of anchoring External Venetian Blinds to their fixings and provide minimal visual obstruction. High quality 316 marine grade stainless steel wire is utilised and which is coated with a UV stable PVC sheath to prevent interference and friction with the slat surface. A unique attachment system fastens the wire to the headrail and numerous options are available as anchoring or termination points, including deck plates and stand offs. It must be noted that, as with all wire guided blinds, wind loading will result in the blind vibrating and resonating and that there will always be an associated 20 percent filtering of light through the slats due to their single concave/convex design.

Side Pins

Where stable and refined operation is required the benefits of utilising side channel guidance systems far outweigh any other means of securing External Venetians. Side pins, constructed from Zamac, are an innovative means of stabilising and improving the performance of these blinds. Zamac is a family of alloys with a base metal of Zinc, with elements of Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper. These pins are machine riveted to the slats which then engage into the side channels. Each extruded aluminium side guide has a plastic insert (or keder) which acts to minimise friction, resistance and resonance.

Double Pinning

Specifications as per Side Pins with the addition of Double Pinning which incorporates Side Pins on both sides of individual slats.

Combinations of Wire Guides and Side Channels

The option is available for utilising both Side Channels and Wire Guides on alternating sides of individual blinds should it be required.

  • Left Hand Side Channel with Right Hand Wire guide.
  • Left Hand Wire guide with Right Hand Side Channel.

Further information and technical specifications relating to the ev80 and all our other products are available for download as data sheets from our website. If you have any queries or would like to discuss further please feel free to contact our office.

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